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international SEO leads

Get International SEO Leads and Website disign Leads for sales

These leads are very useful at lowest price to start a business. Using them, more and more clients and customers can be made at lowest price, these leads can be anywhere from in the world. For example:

Australia, Africa, Canada, China, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, Many More.


  • How you get website (URLs) list for SEO and Website design leads?

    Answer is : we are collecting all website list from google, yahoo and bing by manually and we are not using any software to collect those list.

  • Is SEO and Website design leads are exclusive?

    Answer is : Yes, All SEO and Website design leads are Exclusive and we never deals in shared leads.

  • How to deliver leads?

    Answer is : After paypment you will start getting leads within 1-3 business days, and when we get leads forward to you within 24 hour also share with you spreadsheet with Company name, contact name, email id, phone number and reply message.

  • For more question, please contact us at [email protected]

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Leads Tactics specializes in B2B lead generation and strategic client management. We provide excellent online care which is specially designed to suit all your needs. Whether your company deals directly with businesses or you are looking to market to consumers, our systems are purpose built to effectively contact potential clients and manage the entire lead generation process.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the first step in the sales cycle. It is a very important part of any online business as it is like a backbone of business that helps the business stands up. To do it effectively, you need to carefully analyse your target market and implement a strategy that will engage decision makers within your targeted market. Find out more about how Leads Tactics can assist in increasing your sales results. Sales leads are very important to grow business. In this fast-developed world of businesses, it is very important to find the right lead and use it properly. A good sales lead will give you the exact type of return on investment.

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The is India's premier B2B lead generation provider. We are effectively an extension of your business, geared primarily to find innovative ways to maximise sales opportunities and manage client relationships. We do this by crafting well tailored strategies around data lists.

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